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Methasoft Support

The Netalytics Service Level Performance is the best in the opiate treatment industry. We have made customer support a critical part of our business goals and planning because we understand that keeping your clinics up and running is essential to your business.

What makes Methasoft support the best in the opiate treatment industry?

Our software is stable and easy to use. Our development team has designed a product that is stable and reliable. A well-designed product minimizes the amount of support needed by the user and reduces frustration. Our user-friendly design makes it easy for clinic staff to use. Support is available to handle the exceptions or unusual occurrences, but our goal is to make software that requires minimal assistance. Our constant focus is to develop software features that are easy to use yet powerful enough to handle the multitude of situations and preferences that arise at every clinic.

Our support staff has clinic experience. The Methasoft support staff understands the specific needs and challenges of the opiate treatment industry. They are committed to providing the best support in a courteous and professional manner.

Our support lines are staffed during off-peak hours. We are able to answer 95% of all calls immediately and we promise a 30-minute response time on all support calls. We also find a solution to the majority of calls while the customer is on the phone, minimizing the need for callbacks. We provide top-notch support for all of our customers, even during non-peak hours. Opiate treatment facilities do not operate during normal business hours. We strive to answer your call no matter what time you call. Whether it is early in the morning or late one weekend, we will be there to answer your questions.

Our staff is committed to giving you the quality support you deserve. We take the relationship that we have with our customers very seriously. We understand that the real relationship with our customers begins after they have purchased Methasoft. Our number one goal is to keep our new and existing customers happy by combining the finest software for opiate treatment facilities with unparalleled support.

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